Good Chauffeur LTD, soon to be located in Woolwich, London, will offer Transport services for children between the ages of four and sixteen. Good Chauffeur LTD will offer services from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The children will be taken to and from school within the safe and comfortable environment of primarily a Minicab or in some cases a Minibus. Good Chauffeur LTD will be priced out of some people’s budget, but will offer well trained staff and services to cater for children’s special needs. The base for Good Chauffeur LTD will be located in the home of the Business owner located in the area that the business will operate.

Good Chauffeur LTD offers Greater London an upper-end transport service for children aged four to sixteen. Good Chauffeur LTD offers comfortable and safe travel to and from school. Good Chauffeur LTD hours will be a bit wider range than normal business hours to accommodate any after or before school clubs that a child may attend.

The child may require some sort of special needs and their parents may wish for them to be able to go to and from school within a safe and comfortable environment for the child. Good Chauffeur LTD is an innovative solution that allows parents to no longer have to worry for their child’s safety when going to and from school.

Good Chauffeur LTD will be targeting children with special needs who have parents that wish for their children to travel in a safer environment than normal public transport. Parents who are concerned about the safety and comfort of their child when travelling via public transport are typically willing to pay for a service that would provide their child with the comfort and safety that they wish for

Good Chauffeur LTD will be competing in the school run transport industry. This industry is fairly broad and populated, there are companies at all levels, from the basic mini bus services, to competitors of Good Chauffeur LTD. There are service providers that offer standard business hours as well as services that offer morning and evening hours. Price, quality, and gut feeling drives a lot of parental choices. Good Chauffeur LTD believes the secret to success is to